Breaking the cycle of poverty through education 

Project: St John's School, Kibera Slum

Nairobi, Kenya

St. John's primary school was started by Josiah Munyutu in the year 2002, with the aim of helping the orphans, street children and the poor. It now has over 400 students.

Goal #1. To completely renovate every classroom in the school, to create an environment for learning.  It is difficult to learn and concentrate in a classroom with minimal light, or a leaking roof. We want to change that. By giving each classroom a complete structural renovation, we will improve the quality of education and the future of these kids lives. 

Kibera is Africa's largest slum, with 800,000 people living in an area the size of New York Central Park. Most of Kibera slum residents live in extreme poverty, earning less than $1.00 per day. Unemployment rates are high. Persons living with HIV in the slum are many, as are AIDS cases. There are few schools, and most people cannot afford education for their children. 

Education provides hope. We believe it's the best tool to help these kids to break the poverty cycle.

Kibera Slum from the air. An area of 2.5 square Kms. 

Smiling faces of St Johns School. 

Co-founders of Nice Coffee Co spending time at St Johns