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How coffee increases productivity in the workplace.

Flat white, skinny cap, long black or piccolo. Everyone has their preference when it comes to coffee; whether it’s to get you out of bed in the morning, enjoyed socially with friends, or for the pure love of its taste.

But more and more are we seeing coffee being used as a tool. A tool used by organisations to increase productivity, build workplace culture, and expand creativity. Whilst it is also important to acknowledge some of the disadvantages of drinking excessive quantities, such as getting the jitters, the benefits of coffee in the office are massive, and we’ll list some of our favourites below.

Increased productivity and team culture

An MIT study from 2010 discovered that there are actual links between coffee and improved productivity. They also found that employees who took coffee breaks at the same time, proved to be more productive through the day. This also gives them the chance to share stories – both work and non-work related – building relationships and team dynamics.


Coffee in the office is surprisingly inexpensive. Let’s break this down… at less than 50c per cup, this employee perk is worth its weight in gold. You’ll save your employees hundreds, if not thousands of dollars per year, not to mention the time it takes to make the trip down the street and back. With an automatic coffee machine in the office, they can enjoy their favourite drink at the push of the button, with surprising quality.

Improves Health

Drinking 2-5 cups per day has been linked to a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke and heart failure.

As well as this, it has been proven to strengthen your brain whilst lowering cognitive decline. Finally, there are links with coffee consumption and increased alertness, cognitive performance and creativity.

The Close

Coffee means so much more than a simple pick-me-up. Coffee in the office is on the rise, for all the right reasons. So get brewing in the office, the future of your organisation might just depend on it.

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