Life-Changing Coffee Solutions 

Providing access to education in Africa's largest slum

We source specialty coffee, roasted to perfection

We supply machines and servicing for any organisation

We distribute profits to our shareholders

We use profits to provide access to education in Africa's largest slum. 

Proudly supplying 

You choose, we'll deliver.

Small-Large office? Cafe? Hotel? No matter your setup, we have a solution to help you enjoy great coffee, whilst doing good too. 

Building impact into your daily grind. 

We use 100% of profits help provide access to education in Kibera Slum, Kenya. We believe in education as a tool to lift kids out of the cycle of poverty. 

"Being an office full of coffee lovers, its always been a tough process finding a bean that everyone loves. 3 months ago we ordered from  Nice Coffee Co. Not only did we find a bean that everyone loves, our coffee helps make an impact in the Developing World."

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No matter your organisation, we can help you drink better coffee, that creates real change.