Smart and stylish Nespresso® compatible capsule system

The Krups Pixie XN3005 coffee pod machine is stylish, compact and – making espressos at the push of a button – easy to use. This smart capsule system condenses a wide range of innovative features in a surprisingly small coffee machine.

With only two buttons and a fast heat-up system, get ready to extract all the flavours from your espresso capsules in one simple move.

The lever handle allows for easy insertion of your Nespresso® compatible coffee capsule. With two programmable buttons, you can make your favourite coffee in no time. Able to brew both espresso (30ml) and lungo (130ml), the Krups Pixie XN3005 pod machine is a reference point for the most gifted coffee makers.

Another unique feature of the Krups Pixie is the compact heating element, meaning that the machine needs less descaling – an extra benefit for those who want a capsule machine with less fuss.
And with its hammered metal sides and solid polished steel handle, the machine is as sturdy on the inside as on the outside.

–  Machine coming soon…  Capsules available now! –

Alongside this coffee pod machine, we offer a variety of Nespresso® compatible Puro Coffee Capsules.
Blending care and attention with positive intention to produce 3 varieties of Puro coffee cups from 8 Fairtrade cooperatives. These capsules are certified compostable and biodegradable in an industrial composting plant.

Krups Pixie XN 3005 Titan



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