The Rocket Giotto Evoluzione Tipo R is a sleek and contemporary traditional espresso machine. With its high quality components yet small footprint, this espresso machine fits in perfectly with home offices or small sized offices wishing to enjoy barista style coffee at work.


The Giotto Evoluzione Tipo R offers the ability to texture perfect milk and perfect extraction temperature to enhance the delicate aromas of the espresso beans.


Rocket espresso machines are well known and highly estimated for their reliability and performance. The Giotto Evoluzione Tipo R is purpose built with the very best in traditional craftsmanship and technical knowledge, all to reflect the commercial machine experience in your workplace.

Giotto Evoluzione Tipo R



    Madeline Menca 

    "This book is both provocative and heart warming. It is full of powerful stories from one of the biggest slums in the world. Each page poetically captures a moment in time and shares a first hand view of what it means to live, work and study in Kibera, Kenya."