Limited Edition: Ethiopia Nensebo GR1

This is not just 1 kilo of coffee...

This is 7 kilos of flour, 6 kilos of legumes and 5 bars of soap for a family doing it tough in Kibera Slum. 

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We have all been effected by COVID-19 in some way. But in a place like Kibera Slum, social distancing is not an option. Basic healthcare and sanitation is non-existent. We normally use our coffee sales to support St Johns School in Kibera, but it's in these times that the families of St Johns are struggling to put food on the table. So for this limited edition bean, we are using the profits to provide food for these families. Thank you for your help!



Strong fruit and floral upfront, complex guava and honeydew sweetness

BLACK - Fruit presence, great transition, highly complex

MILK BASED - Strong fruit and floral upfront, complex guava and honeydew sweetness


Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee. With an estimated six to ten thou- sand coffee varietals in Ethiopia it makes Ethiopian coffee an inter- esting mystery. This is caused by coffee originating naturally from Ethiopia and the mutation and cross pollination that has taken place over the years.

1kg Ethiopia Nensebo GR1

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    Madeline Menca 

    "This book is both provocative and heart warming. It is full of powerful stories from one of the biggest slums in the world. Each page poetically captures a moment in time and shares a first hand view of what it means to live, work and study in Kibera, Kenya."